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Michael Dymny Vasco Trilla

This powerful duo emerged in Krakow from a colaboration of Discordian Records (Barcelona based label) with some Polish improvisers As a result , the duo played a few gigs in Poland and Spain, toured Europe and recorded an album entitled Cave Canem . The cd features saxophonist Paulina Owczarek as a special guest and was recorded by master Rafal Drewniany in Alchemia ,Krakow. Michał Dymny is an improvising musician, playing the electric guitar. He has developed an individual style based on sonoristic techniques and instrument preparations that he applies in free improvisation. He has participated in a number of events organized by the Krakow-based group Improvising Artists, as well as in projects known as Entropy and Process – Laboratory of Intuition. “Vasco Trilla just doesn’t stop moving, from one sound to the next, his economy of motion is almost as impressive as the sounds he makes. At one point, he bends low, blowing through the hole in a cymbal resting on the drum before him – so hard as to lift it momentarily – while simultaneously detuning the drumhead; the resulting vibration fills the room. Vasco Trilla is the clockwork alchemist of percussion”. Dave Foxall”


'HEAR NOW' a film by Mark French plus extra audio tracks [FMRDVD05]

Beautifully recorded and produced film by Mark French with various sections where Trevor Watts talks about the music. 4 separate dialogues , plus two tracks recorded by the quartet at Hastings Jazz Club in 2012


Trevor Watts

Trevor Watts first and amazing solo saxophone recording takes him into new territory great to see a musician of this statue totally in his own space!


Francois Carrier Michel lambert
iO [FMRCD384]

After their stunning two cds Live in Russia Vol 1 and 2, eloquent French Canadian saxophonist and drummer par excellence Michel Lambert excel yet again in 9 new improvisations recorded at Resonance studios in their home town of Montreal They are ever becoming a powerful and confident voice in the music!!


Tom Jackson Benedict Taylor Daniel Thompson
Hunt at the Brook [FMRCD389]

All three of these musicians are earning a reputation as wonderful improvisers. The lineup of clarinets with Guitar and Viola is a truly beautiful combination of sublte and moving sounds that mesh into mesmerising editions of truly creative contemporary music Its different, almost like a classical ensemble, the talent creativity and integrity of these musicians shines


Paul Dunmall Tony Bianco
Autumn [FMRCD392]

Paul Dunmall in another epic improv session this time in duo with the great American drummer Tony Bianco , now resident in the uk


Peter Van Huffelel, Oliver Steidle, Andreas Willers
The Scrambling Ex [FMRCD387]

The Scrambling Ex, powerful trio featuring 3 major European improvisers!


Chris Caldwell Susie Hodder-Williams Trevor Taylor
Unlimited the Sound Within [FMRCD390]

Following on from their critically acclaimed albums of Mariners Way & Northern Lights, Susie Hodder-Williams (flute/alto flute/piccolo) & Chris Caldwell (sop/alto sax & bass clarinet) join forces with the percussionist, experimental jazz drummer and contemporary music label owner of FMR Records, Trevor Taylor, for the musical exploration of The Sound Within FMR CD390-0115. If Mariners Way evoked the mythical journey of the ancient mariner across the moors of South West England, The Sound Within journeys to a place which is within all of us, totally familiar yet often overlooked, a place where insights are created. This is where the formless becomes form, through the process of being in the moment. The three musicians weave an improvisational tapestry responding to what's happening around them. Their individual thoughts creating their feelings and responses both through the texture, length and quality of the note they produce and the often overlooked power of stillness. The musicians here came along with an openness of not being tied to any formalised agendas or attachment to outcomes. Through this they touch the beauty of being truly free, a place where universal mind, personal thought and consciousness exist together in perfect harmony.


Frode Gjerstad Roger Turner Borre Molstad
Blood Samples The Cabinet Trio [FMRCD395]

Another step out for fascinating Norwegian saxophonist Frode Gjerstad this time on Alto Sax and Bb Clarinet alongside the unusual combination of ace drummer/ percussionist Roger Turner and fellow Norwegian tuba player Borre Molstad a rarified musical setting that provides exciting and creative playing from all , proving that on the contrary , unusual musical setting and combinations can often produce the most interesting music The cd was recorded at Cafe Mir in Oslo at the 'Blow Out' festival in 2013


Marcelo dos Reis Luis Vincente Theo Ceccaldi Vlentin Ceccaldi
Chamber 4 [FMRCD393]

Recorded live on the first of three concerts that occurred in Lisbon, Coimbra and Porto, this fascinating combination of instruments results in this beautiful crafted music by Portuguese and French ensemble, Chamber 4, based in Lisbon and Paris. Acoustic guitar, violin with cello and some rich voices combining with an exquisite trumpet. These are incredible gems of improvisation, subtle, intelligent and very moving


Chick lyall David Garrett
Green Room Concertante [FMRCD394]

Chick Lyall and David Garrett have worked together as improvisers since the 70's. At that time they had only the most primitive and paltry means at their disposal, an out of tune piano, various sound objects used as percussion and a range of household implements to create a ragbag of sonorities This new cd (their 3rd for FMR) contains wonderful but precarious balance between pre-prepared material, sequenced segments, lyrical piano interludes and minimalist debuted riffs in a shifting combination of electronic and acoustic instruments. Recommended!!!

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